Upravit stránku

Management of the company has been building a dynamic business which is specialised in transportation with vehicles, delivery services and forwarding (spedition). One of conditions that we have to follow in order to compete on European markets is high quality of provided services that is verified by the ISO 9001:2009.

Since the year of establishment in 1997, we have regularly been increasing annual turn-over of the company. Our goal is to continue in this trend without any reduce in quality matters. Our goal is also to get stabilized on the market as one of the leading companies in this branch.


Our company is strongly oriented to a customer. We can guarantee comprehensive services of any kind. Our activities always lead to 100% compliance with expressed as well as not-expressed wishes of a customer in relation with hight quality transportation services.

By improving all the company's processors and improving relationship with co-operating subjects, we would like to achieve the ability of fulfilling requirements of a customer unconditionally and properly and ability to act in accordance with customer's wishes and requirements.

  • Our goal is to reach a  leading position in the field of transport services among adequate competition on the European market.
  • All processes and procedures are provided in accordance with applicable conditions of health, hygiene, security and ecology matters which are given by an applicable legislation of the Czech Republic.
  • We pay attention to optimal obtaining and use of necessary sources.
  • Each of our employees is aware of how the quality is important for a prosperous company. The employees know their responsibility and position in system of quality matters.
  • Quality of work and responsibility of each employee is a guarantee of company's success.
  • Our employees are selected on the basis of professional qualities but also on the basis of higher moral ones.
  • Our employees represent performance of our company thanks to their comprehensive initial training, continuous education and management's support.
  • In order to support improvement of interpersonal relationship within the company, we promote a  social and socially motivated system. With good mutual communication, we would like to deepen good relationship and identifying with the company.
  • As the system basis, there is a professionally strong, stabilized and satisfied team of employees.
  • All our suppliers are able to deliver consignments exactly according to our needs and specifications.
  • We want to have only reliable and high quality suppliers.
  • We want our suppliers to be our partners on the same level of quality assurance.
  • We will evaluate the suppliers, select them and cooperate with them closely so that they can fulfill our expectations.
  • Our goal is to achieve compliance with the requirements of ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 in order to fulfill requirements of quality management system.
  • Company management is committed to regularly check the system functionality.
  • With this approved and announced policy aimed to quality matters, we pledge ourselves to constantly make the established system more and more efficient.
  • Changes made in organisation and management are directed towards improvement quality of company's production.
  • We consider the quality improvement as a continuous and systematic process.
  • The company provides necessary support in order to ensure functioning of all processes, their measuring, monitoring and analyzing so that there could be planned results and continuous improvement achieved.

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