Upravit stránku
The sorting and further processing of waste is a global problem which needs to addressed, and an optimal solution needs to be found for the future generation. Our company is keen to participate in this task and endeavours to contribute to the high-quality and safe transportation of various types of waste; including hazardous waste.

Our company holds permit for exporting waste material out of the Czech Republic to selected countries of Europe:

We transport the following waste:

  • Municipal waste material
  • Waste material produced by sewage disposal plants
  • Building and demolition waste materials
  • Scrapped vehicles, tyres, electronic devices
  • Waste packing materials
  • Waste material from metal and plastics cutting
  • Waste material containing metals
  • Unorganical wastes from thermal procedures


  • Wastes from wood processing
  • Waste materials from leather-boot and textile industry
  • Agricultural waste materials
  • Wastes from geological researches
  • Wastes from oil industry
  • Waste materials from organical and unorganical chemical production

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