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Special steel trailers have one main and entirely significant advantage. They are extremely resistant. They are so resistant that they are able to transport the loads which would immediately destroy common types of trailers.

Advantages of Steel HARDOX Trailers

  • special trailers are intended above all for loading such kind of material that would otherwise destroy a common aluminium trailer
  • they can transport materials which cause dirty spots (oil spoilage….)
  • they are made of close-grained steel plates which are resistant against abrasion
  • they have huge cubature - 60 cbm
  • long-term guarantee against smashing
  • they are not corrosive
  • they do not mind coarse handling manners of loading staff
  • they are water-proof in such meaning that soft crushed powder cannot „flow“ through them

When are the steel trailers suitable for you?

Hardox trailers are highly recommended when you need to transport goods that would otherwise cause damage to common types of trailers (e.g. you do not have to be afraid of a bigger piece of iron falling down on the trailer, simply because it cannot cause any damage to it).

Save your time

When loading, it is not necessary to take care of worky activities such as opening, unsheeting, unassembling etc. The steel trailer simply comes to the loading place and can be immediately loaded.

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